Except normal label structure, Boingtech also provide “label” for some dedicated purpose which can be multi-layers, adding special material, fitting into different component or even no adhesion with label, etc.
Cope with current traditional woven label, our product has merged RFID technology inside and can distinguish product from one to another by printing and encoding method.
The fabric can be variance per client request, also about the color, shape, etc.
It’s the most popular label used in clothes industry, and our tag became more useful and dedicated for different final client thanks to RFID element. Good for washing and stonewash resistant.
Depending on different usage, hand tag is another media to combine with RFID to facilitate client’s inventory, warehouse, and personalization process. You can choose different style as seen in market and apply in your case.
To enhance the famous EAS tag function, we can add RFID together with it and perform double application to help client surveillance and track in shop under different situation.